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Bookingstep is b2b hotel booking system, providing travel and event services

Bookingstep is a b2b reservation system for hotels and events, and also a marketing tool for inbound companies to promote their travel services. Bookingstep is dedicated to satisfy and facilitate its clients’ requirements while developing an innovative business solution for making bookings and attracting new clients. As a distribution channel for travel products, it empowers travel agencies to search, compare, offer and select the most suitable travel products according to the individual needs of their clients.




  • Intuitive user interface
  • Easy to use functionality
  • Competitive rates in more than 50 000 hotels worldwide
  • No special training necessary
  • Real-time monitoring of availability
  • Online confirmation with immediate notification
  • Flexible markups and commissions, pricing, rates control
  • Client Management
  • Platform for Event requests
  • Sales statistics & Management reports
  • No joining fee or maintenance costs for the services
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