Products and Services

Booking management

Bookingstep is a next generation booking management system.Online booking is made in only few steps and the confirmation is received immediately. All necessary documents, such as vouchers and invoices, are created and sent to the client with a single click. Changes to the booking and the communication with the customer can be tracked and reviewed. Extensive reports and statistics are available.

Distribution Services

Bookingstep is a system well equipped with additional technological tools which will allow travel agencies to distribute a wide range of products. These products can be dynamically packed.

Bookingstep offers a complete XML web service providing the travel agency with the flexibility to process the whole booking, customer or product data. Bookingstep can be integrated with the travel agency’s website as a white-label and branded in the travel agency’s  corporate look and feel.

Clients Management

Bookingstep improves customer service and communication. The travel agency has an extensive report of bookings, preferences, payments, used services etc. All this data can be used for management research and analysis on preferred destinations and services.

Technological Integration Services

With the help of our IT support team, Bookingstep can be turned into an integral part of your existing office travel management system. Bookingstep is able to export a wide range of statistics and reports, as well as standardized XML or CSV formatted data, allowing you easily to integrate it with your accounting software, BI, CRM and other systems. The branding features of Bookingstep can bring this integration to its full potential.

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