Do I have to register with Bookingstep.com to use it?
Yes, you need to complete a registration form to start booking hotels worldwide.

How can I register?
Click on the “Register” button and fill out the required fields. You will receive an e-mail shortly with a confirmation and access details.


How can I make a reservation for a hotel?
Log in to your account in Bookingstep.com and refer to the “Hotel Bookings” menu -> “New Hotel Booking”. Select the destination and dates for the reservation, and click on “Search”. A list of hotels which match your search is displayed. Choose a hotel and click on the “Book” button. Enter the names of the clients and any remarks you may have and click on “Submit”.

Can I make Group Bookings?
Yes, you can include up to 4 rooms in one hotel booking, depending on the availability of the corresponding rooms in each hotel. If you have a larger group, you are welcome to send us your group request at reservations@bookingstep.com or you can use our “Group Request” menu. Our team will prepare and send you custom group offer according to your requirements.

Can I use Bookingstep.com to reserve rooms & conference rooms for events?
Yes, you can. You are welcome to use our “Group Request” menu where you can enter the number and type of conference rooms you need and send us your request.

Are these hotel rates per person/night or per room/night?
You have two columns in the hotel list:

  • Total price – it includes all rooms and all nights you requested for the reservation;
  • Average price – it shows the rate per person/per night;

Are taxes and all service fees included in the price of my reservations?
Credit card fee & VAT are included in the price. Local city tax may be applicable in some destinations and hotels as an additional charge.

How do I know my reservation is confirmed?
The booking will appear in your "Confirmed" booking status section on the web site.

What should I do when my reservation is confirmed?
Payment should be made not later than your booking cancellation deadline. Bookingstep accepts: credit card payments, bank transfer and through floating deposit. After successful payment you can download hotel voucher and invoice for the payment by the booking details’ page.

Can I make a booking for tonight on your website?
Yes, you can. Please note that in such cases prepayment of your booking will be required in order to process it for confirmation. This is necessary because for last minute bookings cancellation charges are applicable immediately after confirmation.

How long does it take for my booking to be confirmed?
Usually it takes few minutes for a booking to be confirmed. You will see your reservation with status “Confirmed”. The exceptions are “On Request” hotels (you see them in red) which might not be confirmed and it requires up to 48 hours receiving confirmation / rejection from the hotel.

Why does my reservation stay at “Pending confirmation”?
There are a few reasons this may happen:

  • your booking is with arrival date in less than 5 days or it is a non-refundable rate – cases in which prepayment is required in order to process your booking for confirmation;
  • your booking is “on request” and it takes time before its confirmation / rejection;

When do I have to pay my reservation?
There are 3 types of bookings:

  • Regular reservations are being confirmed for you and they have a certain cancellation period. Such reservations should be paid before the expiration of their cancellation period;
  • Reservations with arrival date in less than 5 days – such bookings are after their cancellation deadline and they required prepayment in order to be processed for confirmation (prepayment is necessary because such bookings are subject of cancellation charges at the moment they are confirmed);
  • Non-refundable rates – these are special rate bookings which require prepayment because no cancellation is allowed;

Do I need to confirm booking with the hotel directly?
No, the voucher which we provide you with is the confirmation.


How can I change my reservation?
Please log in to your account and proceed to “View Hotel Bookings” menu, where you select the reservation you want to change. Click on the booking number and edit the fields you want.

How can I cancel my reservation?
Please note that cancellations are only free of charge before expiry of the cancellation period, and that some rates cannot be cancelled at all (the special non-refundable rates).
If you wish to cancel a reservation, please open the reservation and click on the “Cancel” button. The reservation will appear with status “Cancelled” or “Pending Cancellation” depending on the type of booking.


What kind of rates appear in my profile?
The rates which appear in your profile can be net or commissionable. They depend on your agreement with Bookingstep.

How do I make payments?
You have many options to pay for your bookings.

  • Credit Card - Company Credit Card can be used to hold and/or pay for the amount of each reservation. The reservation should be finalized (paid) by the cancellation deadline for each reservation in order not to loose the reservation;
  • Bank Transfer - A wire transfer can be accepted for a reservation only if the payment deadline is ahead in order to make sure the bank transfer is received before this deadline. Please note that Bookingstep is not responsible for bank / money transfer fees;
  • Floating Deposit - With this option, you will set up an agreed amount of Floating Deposit account, and each reservation’s net rates will be deducted from the total deposit. You can add more funds when the floating deposit gets low;

For more questions and requests, you are welcome to contact us at:
tel. +134 7694 7694
tel. +359 2443 5924
skype: Bookingstep

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